Finally… It Only Took 5 Years!

Well, I’m pretty damn excited. Quite honestly, there’s been a lot in my life that I’ve just let wash over me and I never got to deal with it properly. Since my teens, I dealt with things in a way that wouldn’t be deemed healthy – I ran. Whether it was emotionally or physically, I ran away from anything that seemed impossible, from issues that I couldn’t deal with on my own or just because it became too much. In 2013, I set out to work on my music from my own solo work to my band project (The Broken Poet Society), and a lot was worked on. Some of you may know that I was working on an EP called When Angels Fall, the irony of that was I was basically done and I wasn’t satisfied with the work at all. When I was getting close to the end, and prepared to start marketing it, I had received some alarming news which caused me to stop everything I was doing, everything for a good year and a half.


2013 came and went, I had already dealt with an amazing and equally devastating experience, of which I won’t share here – I needed time to grief and I drowned in the depths of sorrow like I had never felt before. I could not escape the depression, the shame, the absolute devastation of what was a broken heart. 2014 had already come and I decided to run in another way, I created an online gaming community known as Eterna Gaming. For a while we did pretty damn well, and I poured my focus into that – because anything else was just broken and I had no focus in my life for music or art, it was too painful. 2015 came, and I still was stuck in my own little world, avoiding what I could and never shedding a tear. 2016 had burned through and I started to slow down, and my grieving period was just ending – funny enough looking back at it, how at the end of this period I just felt like a failure because I had some amazing ideas to throw out, and I couldn’t even push through the pain to see it through. 2017 came and thus ended my grieving. No more did I feel this darkness, this depression that was grabbing at my knees – attempting to pull me down into my own personal hell. The first half of the year, I disbanded Eterna Gaming, ending the 3 years that I had worked amazingly on it. I learned quite a bit, from marketing, public relations and touching a sense of fame in a different world.


By November, I finally came to my senses and my art came rushing out. I started slowly, by working on an original piano piece I called, “Behind These Eyes”. I left it as it was, incomplete and damaged – something resonating with how it was created to begin with – and let it simmer for a few weeks, before I decided something that I knew was another escape. I was going to release an album, no matter what – and it would be soon. I had set this idea in my head for a few years and it always left as quickly as it came, but I pushed and pushed through. I designed the cover art and back art, using some nice forest stock pictures, and editing them in a way that felt proper to me. This light versus the darkness, this clashing of two opposites while hope lingered (the particles). I knew it was to be. I decided to speak with an amazing pianist, and producer Jurrian, and decided to work with him. I wanted to revamp ‘Goodnight Kiss’, bring forth ‘Waking Up’ – which I had never officially released, and it just felt like a song that still resonates with me, and finally finishing ‘Behind These Eyes’.


Through and through I kept pushing and pushing, which then my body was pretty much like, “Well this is new, I’m going to need you to stop”, and well I got sick. Starting with the project I got an ear infection, which was whatever honestly, and I kept pushing. My eardrum decided to rupture, and well I couldn’t hear very well or sing anymore. After the hearing somewhat came back and I could somewhat sing, without sounding absolutely haunting – I got a wonderful case of the Man Flu, well it was just a bad cold. Now, as I’m typing this up I am fighting the last phase of this cold, which is the coughing phase, and hoping that I can then add vocals to the rest of the album. I’m happy with how it is, and I’m also hoping that we’re able to release a specific cover or two, one of which I had covered on my YouTube channel.


I guess, what I’m trying to say with this entire story of explanation is that a lot of people have come to me, knowing how I am, where I come from in a mental position, and tell me that they’re glad I never gave up. The thing is, I did. For a long time, I did and I would have still kept giving up, but with 2018 now here, and my past buried where it needs to be, I believe this is an amazing opportunity to start fresh. A new perspective, a new idea for how I want to be perceived – in a way, Reborn. So, that’s where I’ve been for the last 5 years, how I came about creating Reborn, and how the title came to be as well. I’m really happy with how the album is turning out, and I believe that even though some of the songs may sound sad – the lyrics really speak volumes about not giving up, about suicide prevention, about loving once again and lastly, about breathing in this thing we call life and finding the light.


Thank you guys, and I truly hope you’ll enjoy what I’ll have to share when this comes out!