What is Mirrors?

I think I spent more time on this EP than I ever have on any song, album or project put all together. Coming up with the idea of ‘Mirrors’ and the overarching ideal of self-reflection came natural to me as a follow up to ‘Reborn’.

I look back now on the ‘Reborn’ album, and know that it was something that I truly needed to just release and get out of my mind, body and spirit. Every single thing that I had gone through in the last decade, I compressed into very small windows in the lyrics for the album. It’s only now really that I realize that… well, quite frankly it was a super depressing album. I do cherish some of the tracks, and wish I had worked on the overall record more, but it is what it is.

Moving 2 years later into ‘Mirrors’, I think it’s a huge departure from what I’ve ever done before. I needed that cathartic moment of clarity to really express myself and change. From tracks like ‘Illusions’, ‘To Be’, and ‘Who Cares’, which quite frankly I think are my favorite tracks in the EP. Every song, in its own way is different from the other. I chose 7 tracks for this particular project, simply because the idea of self-reflecting is to shatter your expectations and who you once were, and become better. That idea of shattering, reflecting on the name of Mirrors (no pun intended), was perfect. 7 years bad luck, as they say, if you shatter a mirror.

I don’t think I’ve put in this much emotion into the lyrics, vocals and feeling of the songs in any other project. It feels nice. Freeing, even. I had a wonderful time picking out the names and their overall story, and from start to finish it is an amazing path.


Illusions was the second track that I was ready to start with, for this EP. I wrote it in a way that has a person thinking back on their life, their mistakes, their pain – and realizing that they need to change. Understanding that looking deep within yourself, and at yourself, you will find that you’re no longer who you thought you were. The idea of finding a new solution for breaking, after finally finding peace. After letting someone, or something, break you into a million pieces.

The idea of looking at the mirror, and thinking you see an illusion. A figure that you once thought you knew, and realizing that mirror is cracked, and it no longer reflects your heart anymore. Only after realizing this, can you really move forward.

Burning It All

Burning It All was the first track I heard from a producer that actually started the entire ‘Mirrors’ project. From the very first note, I fell in love and it’s huge kudos to the amazing producers on this EP, seriously.

This song follows Illusions, after realizing you can move forward, you start reflecting even more so on your past, your mistakes, your regrets and those bridges that you crossed that hold you back from your true potential. This song is about burning it all down and starting from scratch. Almost like a phoenix, I suppose.

This track wears heavy on my heart, because I had so, so, so many different variations of how I wanted to go with it. The very first version, which I realized a slight snippet of to promote the EP, was a bit more rock-ish. It began the idea of adding a scream into the ending of each song, almost transitioning into the next song. I do wish I could’ve kept it a bit more emotional and strong as I originally intended, but the message still stands clear on the song itself.

It’s all about finding yourself, and understand those struggles, triggers and broken parts of yourself. Burning it all down, and starting over again.


Fade is the third track for the EP, and in fact was going to be the very last one until I kept increasing how many tracks I wanted included. There were at least 10 different versions, and I think it started more like a rock song with a gritty voice. I ended with a more alternative, indie vibe and it is what it is.

With this track it follows ‘Burning It All’, and it’s about not fading away from your core. With this new change in yourself, with having to burn away everything in your past and path, don’t get caught up in the flames. It’s about remembering who you are at your core and not letting yourself forget or fade away. After all, if you forget who you are, who even are you anymore?


Higher is a track that I really enjoy, because it’s super cheesy. I would joke around that it’s about my bed, and imagining a commercial about selling beds playing this song. Of course this song is a love song, and follows Fade. I’m not one to say who or what it’s about, or if it’s about self-love in some sense – I’ll let those who listen interpret it as they wish. I have my version of what it’s about, and I’m sure they will have theirs. But yes, it’s a love song.

To Be

To Be was the only track that I did in one take and really went into it lyrically, and vocally. One thing I absolutely love doing is creating an ambiance with a lot of reverb and creating a haunting sound in the background.

Lyrically, the song is about being yourself. About looking over the line, and letting go of all your worries. The song, to be blunt, is about being the best you can be. It’s about pushing through all your pain, worry and hurt and being the best you can be. I’ve been asked a lot on what “…these oceans don’t need to be free, all these eyes looking down on me, they remind me of who I used to be…”.

Quite frankly, it just sounded good at the time. But in reality, it’s the fact that you don’t need to be just like everyone else. You can be however, whoever or whatever you want to be and be happy. People will look down at you, and you’ll remember sometimes that you were one of those people once upon a time. But now, you’ve grown, you’ve known happiness, and you know the secret on how to be yourself.

Who Cares

In this track for ‘Who Cares’, I was incredibly inspired by the horrible things going on in Australia right now, with the fires and beautiful animals dying due to this. The song, in its lyrical form, was meant to be viewed through 3 different perspectives: Someone who doesn’t care about the world at all. Someone who does care and is seeing everything happening, and someone suffering from this entire situation.

There is so much fake “care” in the world right now, just to get reactions out of people through social media, that instead of trying to make a change, those people just want more likes and whatever currency that they find is best for them to feel valuable.

The overall idea of the song was just someone who’s pissed off at the entire world. Seeing the world go up in flames, and seeing that no one really cares or wants to do anything, mostly because it’s an inconvenience, or because people really are that blind. The lyrics are just about that, that no matter how much we are warned and told to care for the world – who cares enough to actually listen?


For the seventh, and final track of the EP, I decided to finish it off referencing some of the track names, while concluding a journey of this whole idea of self-reflection. The idea is about talking to yourself, and moving on – as we have been trying this whole time. But you’re stubborn, you can’t. You’re realizing just now that your past, your mistakes and your regrets no longer reflect on who you are today, and who you want to be. You’re finally moving forward.

Mirrors is the song that ties it all together, and finishes the song with “…the past doesn’t reflect on me…”, as a way to give the people that have listened, really listened, since the first track, a little nod. Your past, your choices, your regrets and your pain – it may have molded who you are today, and who you turned out to be, but it doesn’t necessarily need to stay that way. Your decisions from this moment forward will mold that vision. Be who you want to be. Love who you want to love. Your past reflections don’t reflect on you.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, it’s a completely different approach to music – well, at least for me. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m so excited to share this entire EP with you guys this year. For now, you can check out ‘Who Cares’, and give it a listen if you wish.

Thank you for reading, and much love.