Who is Sarumonin?


David Angel, although commonly known in the gaming world with his moniker, Sarumonin, has been playing MMORPGs and FPS games since a young age. Working early in the industry, for Ijji Games (GunZ Division) as a Game Master (GM) to create events for the community, and bringing a positive influence to the game’s overall growth, considering the size. However, after Ijji shutting down and merging with Aeria Games, he started focusing on his own career in music.


In early 2014, David came back into the scene working as a Public Relations Director for various titles, mostly freelance work, allowing for the games to succeed in their own right. Marketing games on Social Media, and making sure that the games would reach national recognition. Later in the year, he created what would later be known as one of the most prominent gaming communities for its positive outlook and helpfulness, Eterna Gaming.


The community quickly became a recognized name among all genres, allowing for private invitations from gaming companies to test out games earlier than the public, interviewing incredible developers and artists alike. The pinnacle of success was reaching China, and having the entire community of NetEase for Revelation Online in early 2016 essentially give its form of a standing ovation (Source). However, after years of recognition and succession, it was time to bring Eterna Gaming to a close. The community was originally started as a small group of players to just have fun, and it was never the intention to have it grow to a point of companies asking for gaming reviews and interviews – it was too much, and away from the original vision of the community.


After the disbanding of Eterna Gaming, David and a couple of friends decided to try once more time by starting a new community, but keeping it rather small and tight-knit. Hoping to keep it that way, and having done the whole ‘Be on the Top and Be the Best’ while younger, he decided that path was no longer for him. With no real leadership or any of that sort for the new community, David was free to work on his own projects without having the weight of the world on his shoulders, so to speak. It was time to keep it low, and keep gaming to what it was meant to be about – fun. That perspective changed both his vision of how a gaming community, or group, should be – and how a player should be in general.


In Mid 2017, he started working with various companies once again on his own – this time in a different spectrum. Becoming a Community Moderator for a couple of games, and eventually a Community Manager for an indie studio. The whole year of 2017 was to gather players around the world and make sure that they have fun, enjoy themselves and create events in all games (that he was a part of, officially.) to bring a more positive influence to community outlook. Creating prominent events with amazing communities from Witch It, Ashes of Creation, Deceit and Blood Ancestors, it showed that hardcore gaming – while fun and exciting – isn’t the only way to grow communities.


2018 is here, and the year is dedicated to livestreaming weekly on Twitch, creating content with En Masse Entertainment (after Partnership was announced with the company: Source), and other upcoming games. Want to catch all the latest and greatest in upcoming games? Check out the channels below!







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