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Car Commercial (Parody / Satire)

Demonic Growl / Scream (The Goatman Game Snippet)

Voice Rates

Non-Broadcast Rates

For non-broadcast voice over work (including categories of work like animation, business, educational, videogames, etc.), the fees are measured by total minutes of voice – as opposed to industry standard of words per minute (As an approximation, depending on the read, there are about 150 words in 1 finished minute.)

Finished Minutes Fee Range ($USD)
0 – 10 minutes $25 – $50
10 – 15 minutes $50 – $75
15 – 30 minutes $75 – $125
30 – 40 minutes $125 – $175
45 – 60 minutes $175 – $200
Over 60 minutes Custom Quote ($200 – $500)

Story and Promise

Starting in late 2017, David started venturing in the world of Voice Acting, lending his voice to both Indie and AAA game titles. Whether your game is a AAA or Indie, no matter the size, he will give your project the voice it deserves. Working on narration, and being a recognized voice through his online videos – The one promise that is held is that no matter the budget, if the project has the passion from its Developers, and the need for a voice, David will work with your studio. Some of the titles that he has worked on are: Bless Online (MMORPG), Dawn of Whiteland (Open World RPG), Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, The Goatman (Horror Survival Hunting Game) and more! 

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